Saturday, November 14, 2009

lazy days

Robert just got back from Washington DC and NYC (a fun trip he says),
and we spent the day together. It was a fun and relaxing day after a long week. Tomorrow he's making vegetarian chili and we're going to finish our monopoly game. It's always nice to have a couple lazy days with my robert : )


  1. The one time I visited D.C. was with my happy homo and a friend. We went to take panels we had made for friends and family to be joined to the Names Project Quilt that had been spread out on the mall. While there we decided to visit the Vietnam Memorial and the Holocaust Museum (which had just opened).

    I don't know how we handled all the grief.

  2. Oh, and you couldn't visit Carmon's blog because I did the coding wrong. Imagine that.

    It's fixed and you've just got to visit.... Homer has a real name.