Wednesday, July 25, 2018

you never know when a conversation about Disney princesses will take a sinister turn

This morning a pair of sisters approached the desk and asked for stickers. They took their time and while they sorted through the stickers, Big Sister talked about how she was starting kindergarten soon. Big Sister also talked about how they were wearing their braids like princesses, and so naturally we had a lively discussion about Disney princesses.

A boy approached the desk and asked for the Peter Rabbit movie, and I explained to him, that because the movie was popular, all our copies were checked out.  I then asked if he wanted me to place a hold for him. He nodded his head and, as he walked away, Big Sister abandoned the stickers, leaned in close and asked, "Do you know what happens to bunnies?" 

Before I could answer she made a chopping motion with her hands and shouted, "we eat the bunnies!"

I was too flabbergasted to say anything.

"Do you know what happens to old chickens?" Again she made the chopping motion.  "We eat the old chickens."

Little Sister shouted the word, "egg," which lit Big Sister's face with glee. "Yes," she shouted rather manically. "We eat their babies!"

At this point I attempted to quiet them some because the surrounding children looked horrified didn't look too thrilled with this conversation.

After asking Big Sister to quiet down, she leaned even closer and whispered, "do you want to know what happens to old ducks?"

Thankfully their mother came rushing over, ready to print her document. Or it's possible she heard their joyful shouting about eating babies.

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