Sunday, May 7, 2017

the book smells almost pleasantly like bouillon

I am reading an excellent book, My Life in France by Julia Child. 

There are many stains throughout my copy. 

This strikes me as strangely appropriate because:

1. it's about Julia Child.

2. it's a library book that has been cherished by many people.

3. each page is packed with deliciously detailed food adventures, making it impossible not to feel hungry every second spent reading it. I finally gave up and started carrying around a jar of olives with a fork tucked inside so I can stave off hunger.

4. apparently every person who's read this copy has felt the same way. There are so many stains I eventually grew numb to the filth. 

Interestingly enough, if I flip through the pages really fast, the book smells almost pleasantly like bouillon. 

One person was even kind eccentric enough to let future readers know (sort of) what they ate while reading the book:

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