Sunday, February 12, 2017


This morning I was a little overwhelmed and anxious.  Lotsa stuff on my mind.  

So I grabbed the grooming tools and hit the porch with the dogs.  Grooming the girls is always a chore that intimidates me at first, but later, transforms into meditation. 

After quite a bit of brushing we all felt a bit lighter. I mean look at all this hair!

Rachel, after sleeping in on a rare morning off, made her usual yogurt parfait and joined us on the porch even though it was miserably cold and windy.  She cuddled up with Rose, who I had already groomed, and chatted with me while I finished grooming Ella.

Like lotsa humans, I struggle to put my negative energy to positive use.  This morning, after a bit of grousing, I did just that.  The negative energy not only dissipated and left me feeling lighter, but when Rachel joined us, I was consumed with joy.

She ate her breakfast on the cold porch with tornados of hair swirling everywhere, just to be near me and the dogs.

I've spent today thinking, I am loved, I am needed, I matter.  And hopefully I can remember that the next time I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

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