Wednesday, September 9, 2015

turtling around

If anything, living in a tiny place that's less than ideal has certainly pushed Robert and I out of the house a bit more.  We are still waiting for the estate sale workers to sort through all of Audrey's stuff before we demo, which will hopefully begin in November or December.  If I'm taking a sledge hammer to the walls on my birthday it has the potential to be a new favorite birthday.  

Robert and I have been going places and hanging out.  One afternoon we took our computers to a Mexican restaurant and I had the bucket of margarita happiness while hammering out poems.  Today, Robert and I hit the trail on our bicycles and spent a jolly and very relaxing afternoon turtling around.    Home has been reserved for Star Trek and sleep and little else.  It's been unexpectedly nice.  A special friend of ours, Hunter, has made us home-cooked meals a couple times with butter, which is one of the foods that we no longer keep because we have no room for a toaster.  We totally plan on inviting Hunter the first time we make something in our new kitchen.  That is, if we still remember how to cook by then : ).


  1. Turtling is good. Margarita poetry could be just as interesting as your cold medicine poetry.

  2. Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist.


    I was so excited until I got that message.

    Where is it?

    Where did it go?

    Will music in stacks come back?