Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Don't worry - that didn't stop them!

I've been pretty blog lazy lately and I really don't have any great excuse for it.  I've been writing and reading and sewing a lot.  There has definitely been a surge of creativity and also lots of art-absorption. Everywhere I look there is a poem or painting waiting to be expressed.  

It totally helps that I just saw my family after an exuberant and beautiful visit to San Diego.

After much reflection and deliberation I have chosen my top five favorite pictures from the trip. 

I will start with me, because this is my blog and I have a picture that perfectly shows how I feel about the ocean, which is that I FREAKING love it, even when it's cold.  

So naturally, Scott and Robert took a Segway tour of San Diego, and afterwards Scott was jubilant. In fact, he gushed about it for the rest of the trip.  

I didn't think I was going to enjoy touring the USS Midway.  But we were treated to our own private tour by Rusty, who lived and served on the USS Lincoln for four years as member of the catapult crew.  I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to see him so excited and to share that excitement with him.  

Taking the speedboat tour was so freeing and exhilarating.  I only managed to see a couple sea lions because we were going so fast, but I will gladly take boat donuts over scenery any day.  

My favorite picture of the trip has to be the one where Scott and grandma are racing Rusty and Harper.  It is definitely going on the wall somewhere.  At one point we heard a USS Midway employee warning another employee via walkie talkie about a young man in blue racing a white-haired lady across the deck.  I knew, without a doubt, that they were talking about Scott and grandma.  Sure enough, Scott told us later that he was scolded for racing grandma around.  Don't worry - that didn't stop them!

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