Sunday, March 22, 2015

Are you ready for some Washington D.C./Baltimore/Various Places in Maryland pictures?

Robert is ready to dive into a bag of boiled sea insects.  Btw this is Hot N Juicy, and I'm not just talking about my nerd.

Yea baby.  

I pondered for several minutes about how to take this display home with me.  I have become such a diehard elephant & piggie fan that I now have dreams about them and in the dreams they are my friends.

I was mesmerized by this small act of rebellion in the subway.  

Robert, standing in front of the White House.  


Bring. It. On.

While driving through the slums in Baltimore, elegant structures and buildings popped up every now and then.  After driving through a trash-packed street this gate arose suddenly.

ReReads, located in Crofton, MD, became a favorite bookstore within minutes of entering.  The owner was in the process of shuffling the books around and the poetry was not only in two different places, but also in several teetering stacks in-between the two places.  Close by was an adorable quilt shop, Tomorrow's Treasures, bursting with wacky and delightful textile-artist ladies.  

This is the cumulation of perusing close to ten bookstores.

Robert is the tiny speck at the bottom of the National Monument.

We are not only in the Capitol, but also in the very center of Washington, D.C.  

Hanging out in the cupola of a caboose.  

Library of Congress selfie.

And yes, not only did I get a library card, but also requested items.  This is a very sneaky picture Robert took.  


  1. Yes I am.... I am going to do this right now.

  2. Man I hope you have more! I am loving these pictures. My absolute favorite is the one of you and Robert.

    I can't believe Robert wasn't tackled by the secret police for getting so close to our esteem leader.

    Bookstores are my weakness and CDs too.

    Mom and I would jump out of the car when you passed my the cemetery. Bad neighborhood or not.... we are just two bad ass cemetery chicks.

    More please

    This makes me excited about California.

    About that cow song....

  3. Okay I like the selfie too. That would look good on my wall.

  4. We took a couple great selfies and there are a few others that I'll share with you. I didn't want to overwhelm the blog and I don't know how to clump them anymore.

    I'm not ignoring your cow song - I have a harder time getting to videos because I have so few places I can listen to them. But I do love the music you share. I just need extra time with videos.