Monday, May 19, 2014

bird shit & $$

Just when I am close to giving up on this blog, which I created mostly for my family, I get a message from a loved one or sometimes even a stranger, and I come back.  As a writer it is tough to maintain a blog without giving my pieces away.  I can’t give my best, because my best is reserved for my poetry and essays, and what is left often feels simple and bare.  And while I am no ham, it is nice to have an audience. 

I have to remind myself that the blog’s purpose is connection.  It is here to state the positivity in my life and create a bridge with that.  If the bridge lacks sophistication and traffic it’s still serving its purpose.

Now, let’s move on to more important matters.  Did I tell you that about a week ago I was pooped on by a bird while riding my bike to work?  Well, I was.  Right dab on my bare leg.  However, while riding my bike in that very same spot two days later I found $26 in bills on the ground.  So, to answer the question that plagues us most, I am hereby declaring that bird scat is indeed lucky.    

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