Saturday, January 11, 2014


It has been a few weeks since I have been able to bike to work.  When there is snow on the ground I draw a line.  Ok, so there are a few lines that I draw.  But they are top secret. 

I miss the music of coasting, the blissful transition from icy air to thick coffee.  I miss my lobster gloves, my clunky shoes, all the waddling hateful geese, even the annoying little pause at stop lights as I waver between grace and bumbling rhino.

I do not miss my mugger mask, but soon I will don it with swagger and little puffs of peter paul and mary will be heard coming through its fleeciness.  It will sound something like ffffuuuu missssssthetttrrrrrAYnMMonn uuuuuwlllllno ththAt Imgnnnne.

It will be the best song in the universe, and the chrchrchr of the bike will be all the applause I need.


  1. ffffuuuu missssssthetttrrrrrAYnMMonn uuuuuwlllllno ththAt Imgnnnne? What does Puff the Magic Dragon sound like?

  2. I am starting to find the "please select a profile" annoying. If I was a criminal aka serial killer a profile would be necessary.

  3. That face mask you are wearing..... it appears you need a profile done.