Sunday, August 18, 2013

just mere inches

It was only 7 AM, but I was having an off day.  I jumped on my bike and my legs immediately started cramping and balking.

After changing in the tight bathroom of a fast food restaurant my clothes refused to do anything but cling to me in all the wrong ways.  My poor quadriceps felt like they were being attacked by my jeans.  Somehow in the process of trying to stretch the pants to accommodate my aching muscles I managed to knock my pack on the floor.  And of course it was open.  Mascara and perfume and journals and books went flying everywhere.  I spent the next several minutes wiping everything off with my expensive face wipes because I had nothing else.

I was in a very grumpy whiny mood.  I ate a little breakfast before hopping on my bike for the last little jaunt to work, and as I growled with clenched teeth and hands and heart a falcon came from behind and flew just mere inches above my head.  And as he flew away he took the bad morning with him, leaving only the rasping thuwp thuwp sound of his wings.

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