Sunday, March 24, 2013

Since we last spoke

We moved our kitchen to the back of the house.  When we walked in the front the old kitchen was immediately to the left.

This was our old kitchen 

Tearing it down


These 3 pictures are of the back room, which used to be a second living room and is now where the new kitchen is.

This is our living room.  We gutted it as well and added new insulation, an extra built-in, and new fireplace surround

We decided to carry the wood floors throughout.  So we hired someone to stitch them together.

For the finishes we went with a stained maple, white Silestone and a wall color called "Cavern."  We also found handles that matched the shape of our appliances.  We also decided to put built-ins in the spot where the old kitchen was.


We also said goodbye to the pond

I left Gift of Life, but only as a paid employee ; )

Robert put in a sprinkler system – all by himself!

We did a little bit of caving

And said goodbye to Madeline's son, Jeff 

and Robert's uncle, Rodney

We also said goodbye to my Toyota Matrix and my collection of fortune cookie slips

We visited the birthplace of Robert’s grandfather, Sam

I put up a fantastic Poetry display, which I’m doing again in just a few days

 I’ve been playing a lot of tennis, and was fined for bringing my dogs with me.  Well, mostly I was fined for asking the officer if she needed a hug.

Speaking of Ella and Rose - Rose is still keeping the Earth from floating away

And Ezza Bezza has been playing a lot of ball

I have been painting quite a bit

Scott left Noble Hops and is much happier

Mom and Grandma nested in Oro Valley

Jason and Spanky moved and from what I've heard, are watching too much Duck Dynasty.

Dad is, as always, the master of lines and puns.  

And Rusty is engaged to Heather.  They are expecting a tater tot soon.

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