Saturday, November 27, 2010

is that the cat?

It has been peaceful here. Thanksgiving was a quiet dinner with Audrey and Robert - crab legs and chocolate pudding (YOW!) and roughly eight hours of skipo. The night before Thanksgiving Robert briefly indulged my desire to have a cat. After dining with friends we arrived home and there, up on the neighbors roof, was a yowling cat. He was one unhappy critter. After a little prodding Robert managed to scare it off the roof. I immediately went inside and grabbed my emergency can of cat food and within minutes had the cat in the house, purring in my lap. It appeared to be clean and well-fed so we kept the door propped open and after about 20 minutes it left. Although rumor has it that it's most likely a stray, it didn't appear to mind. Needless to say I have had my ears and eyes wide open. Robert is getting tired of me asking, "is that the cat?" at all hours of the day. It may sound like the freezer humming to you, oh dear Robert, but to me it's the cat, wanting to come inside and bat at the strings on our blinds.

And here you go again, courtesy of the shuffle on my itunes.

In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning


Linda di Chamounix

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  1. For a brief moment I was hopeful that I could add Grandkitty.... Sigh

    Maybe he will come back inside to bat at the strings of Robert's heart, Robert will sigh and say "ok."