Thursday, October 28, 2010


I should have known something was wrong Sunday, when I felt exhausted after sleeping so well Saturday night. I spent most of the day with my 2 favorite kiddos (the ones with a trampoline), and I just couldn't get into jumping like a maniac. But no, I didn't listen to my body and I went and played tennis Monday morning. And even after that proved disastrous, after I kept flat out missing balls by inches I went home and laughed at my sluggish self.

But Monday afternoon my throat turned sore and I knew something was up. By early Tuesday morning I was in terrible shape. Poor Robert went for syrups and lozenges at 3 in the morning, and I managed to sleep until 11 Tuesday morning. I woke briefly, thinking I should probably get dressed, but fell asleep again. Tuesday night was the worst.

I am normally a fighter when I get sick, but whatever I had kept me flat on my back, near tears with pain. Today, I woke feeling quite fine and started planning my day. I would eat something solid, take a shower, do a load of laundry, go to a job interview. With this great and fabulous plan I threw my feet over the side of the bed, went to the bathroom, and feeling quite dizzy and exhausted went back to bed.

: )

I am up now, though, and plan on taking it easy today.

Just be warned. If you are tired for no apparent reason, something is out to get you.