Monday, December 7, 2009

bleepity bleep

I am working on the first of what will be a total of four papers blech. 4 papers, 1 portfolio and 2 traditional finals. . . WHERE'S THE POSITIVITY?!? Well the bright spot is that this is the end of a nightmarish semester, a semester that challenged my drive and anger, a semester that turned me into a crying maniac bitch, a semester of complete frustration. *sigh*

I could make all C's right now and I would just be happy knowing that I won't ever have to endure these past few months again.

So all this clenched fist anxiety inside can kiss my bleepity bleep bum, because it is the END.

Woohoo for that

and woohoo for bubble wrap

*note* last thursday was my birthday. this is me opening Scott's present. It was an orange themed spa package : ) I also recieved many emails, texts, and phone calls from all my favorite people AND Robert surprised me with a variety of teas I have been anxious to try. best birthday ever? yep.

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